I have to admit that when I first got my LIF ON ragi drink box ( original and chocolate), I was not particularly intrigued because I assumed it was going to be tasteless/ unpalatable. The only driving factor to consume it was to have something healthy to start my day with….. however it all changed when I started to actually drink it.

The taste was beyond my expectations….it proved that we shouldn’t judge something by it’s name 😂. Most of all if comforted me and kept me out of my hunger spells that I had during my office hours where I barely have time to think about food or even walk to the nearby “warong ” or hospimart to buy a quick breakfast. Just empty the packet in a cup and pour some hot water and I’m good to go. It also prevented me from unhealthy snacking.

The packaging is amazing, perfect as a gift to our loved ones whom are health conscious (no need additional wrapping) 🤗.

LIF ON……keep living on.

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