Your Daily Dose of Health Is Doubled With Up Delicious Curry Leaf Bihun

The use of herbs has been essential throughout history either as food flavoring agents or due to their known and presumptive health benefits.

Curry leaves, also known as the Murrayakoenigii, is a classic aromatic ingredient found in the Indian subcontinent and has slowly made its way too many Asian kitchens because of its unique and distinct flavor. However, there is much more to curry leaves apart from their distinguished taste.

Medicinal Significance of Curry Leaves

The presence of trivial metabolites such as alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, vitamins, tannins adds health and therapeutic significance to curry leaves. These leaves serve as an excellent agent for weight loss. Not only this, the curry leaves are a rich source of Vitamin A, B, C, and B2.

Curry leaves are known to be only iron and calcium sources in early ages. Therefore, these leaves are utilized as a part of traditional medicine to treat calcium insufficiency and several other situations. Thus, the leaves have been an essential ingredient in ayurvedic treatments. With advancements in health awareness, curry leaves have become a trend for health enthusiasts, owing to their considerable health benefits.

Browse On To Know More About This Miraculous Herb:

1) Beneficial to the Cardio Health

The high cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels may increase your risk of developing heart disease. By adding the Curry leaves to the regular diet, you may reduce some of these concerning risk factors. Studies also state that curry leaves’ consumption helps heart health in several other ways by purifying the blood and reducing blood thickness.

2) Help Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Curry leaves, with their anti-mutagenic potential, help to protect the body from different kinds of cancers. Flavonoids, an essential element in the curry leaves, act as anti-cancer agents.

These leaves are also useful in inhibiting breast cancer cells’ growth and protect the human body from different colon cancers. Curry leaves are also beneficial in helping our body to fight against cervical cancer.

3) Helpful for Diabetics

Consumption of curry leaves is an effective remedy to manage diabetes and the various complications associated with it.

Curry leaves have also proved to be highly effective and efficient in reducing blood glucose levels. These leaves are a great source of fiber that slows down the digestion process, thus ensuring that there are no sudden spikes in our body’s blood sugar levels. Not only this, but curry leaves also help boost insulin action in our body and further proves to be a miraculous herb for patients who have diabetes.

4) Neuroprotective Effects

Regular intake of curry leaves significantly contributes to the antioxidants rise in the body hence protecting the brain. Curry leaves are an assured cure for Alzheimer’s disease as they prevent the neurons from the otherwise happening oxidative damage.

Amnesia or Memory loss, a known problem with aged people or the elderly, is also benefitted by consuming Curry leaves.

5) Kills Bacteria

Curry leaves belong to the antibacterial family and hence prevent E. coli and Staphylococcus like bacterial infections.

6) Cure Liver Issues

Oxidative stress is so every day and tends to impact the liver. Because curry leaves are healthy antioxidants, their consumption lowers the risk of liver infections and inflammation. Curry leaves are tagged as an essential ingredient for the cure of Liver Cirrhosis.

7) Treatment of Anemia

The content of folic acid and iron is rich in curry leaves. Hence, if you consume them regularly, the body’s iron levels remain intact. Rich iron levels prevent diseases like Anemia or trigger a quick recovery if you are already suffering from it.

8) Good for Our Eyes

Intake of curry leaves benefits the eyes and the vision because of their richness in vitamin A content. Curry leaves contribute to improved eyesight and help prevent diseases like the cataract, which is very prominent.

9) Good for Oral Health

Curry leaves have an antibacterial nature, and hence upon regular consumption, they cure bacterial issues and bad odor of our mouth.  They thus help in maintaining oral health.

10) Helps in Weight Loss

Curry leaves contain alkaloids, which ensure the cholesterol levels in the body are stabilized overall.  For burning fats from the body, start consuming or increase curry leaves intake today. Witness a rapid weight loss.

11) Help in Maintaining Gastrointestinal Health

Obesity and digestion issues have significantly increased because of our bad eating habits. Curry leaves are a quick cure to this problem because they contain digestive enzymes, which help regulate the abdominal bowels because of their laxative nature/properties.

12) Help in Relieving Morning Sickness

If you’re feeling sick or nauseous during your pregnancy, curry leaves may benefit from overcoming the manifestations. Consumption of curry leaves enhances digestive enzymes’ discharge, which gives ease from nausea, vomiting, or any morning sickness.

13) Help in Reducing Stress

Most of you seek to put stress at bay. However, our hectic lifestyles make it challenging to escape. Pressure can drive to significant health issues, and these leaves may assist you in managing stress too. The aroma of these leaves helps reduce the signs of stress by tranquilizing your mind and body.

14) Help in De-Congestion of Nose and Chest

Curry leaves are turbo boosters with vitamin A & vitamin C. Curry leaves also have antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative features, which further decrease the signs of congestion, sinusitis, prolific cough, and cold.

How to incorporate curry leaves in your daily food? Consuming curry leaves in its raw form can be a difficult task though not impossible.  However, you can munch on dried curry leaves as a mouth freshener.

Add a few fresh or dried curry leaves to your freshly prepared meals or your salad bowl to pamper yourself with food and flavor.

Spice Up Your Family Meal

Just like the various benefits of the curry leaves, there are different intake modes as well. Not everybody gets well with the raw form; hence Lif On launched the new Bihun that assure that curry leaves are now a part of your family’s regular diet.

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest supermarket and buy all-new curry leaf Bihun prepared from curry leaf powder and parboiled rice.

With No Additives Or Preservatives, No Sugar, And No Artificial Color, Lif On Curry Leaf Bihun is The Best Option For A Fulfilling Diet, Rendering Benefits Of:-

  • Low salt
  • High fiber
  • Low carbo
  • 0% cholesterol

Say hello to good health daily!

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