Kollu – You Should Not Ignore Health Benefits of Kollu Anymore

After being undervalued for thousands of years, finally, Macrotyloma uniflorum is gaining its threshold in dietary fibre list of human worldwide. Confused what we are talking about here!

Commonly known as horse gram, Macrotyloma uniflorum is a native plant of Southeast Asian subcontinent and some parts of Africa. It is consumed in India too, as a superfood.

You May Know It by Any of the Following Names:-

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Due to its lesser popularity, whole seeds of horse gram or kollu are often used as cattle feed. However, you can also consume it as whole seeds, sprouts or as an entire meal; as done in India, especially Southern Indian states.

Crop Conditions

Kollu is a low profile legume/ pulse crop cultivated and consumed since ancient times in country like India.

It is grown in arid regions such as the drylands in southern, Central and northern parts of tropical countries namely Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

As a climbing herb, it bears tiny leaflets in triplets, and its flowers are white-colored. After maturing, it delivers flattened small seeds in the shape of the curved beak.

Now, the US National Academy of Sciences has identified this pulse is an excellent source of energy. Reason being multi-nutritional pulse, drought resistant and general hardness of this pulse.

Shockingly real is that horse gram is the most protein-rich lentil of this planet. That is why it was mainly used as horse feed.

Reasons for Horse Gram Recognition as a Superfood

Because of superb food qualities, horse gram is invited to the superfood category. Let’s go through its nutritional profile for better insight:-

1) Highly rich in calcium content in comparison to other pulses

2) Extremely rich in iron and protein, which makes it the richest vegetarian source of protein.

3) High in carbohydrate content

4) Low in fat

5) Low in lipid and sodium content

6) Kollu is highly recommended for diabetic and obese patients; being rich in slowly digestible starch.

7) Ensures optimal energy and muscle strength

8) Regulates red blood cell synthesis in the body

9) Fortifies bones

10) Supply adequate amount of vitamin B required for normal metabolic functioning of cells.

Keep counting…the list has more!

These Are Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of Hearts Gram: – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrotyloma_uniflorum


  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antihyperglycemic

However, with more researches, these scientific properties would be established with clear results.

Why Doctors Recommend Horse Gram to Dieters:

  • Calorie = 3 times the chicken
  • Calcium = 10 times milk
  • Protein = twice eggs
  • Phosphorous = one times soya

https://isha.sadhguru.org/in/en/blog/article/the-benefits-of-horse-gram – Source

Since Ages Horse Gram Has Been Curing Medical Issues Like:-

  • Kidney stone
  • Leukoderma
  • Bronchitis
  • Heart disease
  • Urinary discharge
  • Cold
  • Asthma
  • Jaundice
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Menstrual Issues
  • Controlling fever
  • Extracting Phlegm

Time To Dive Deeper And Learn Some Inevitable Wellness Incentive Of Horse Gram

  • Great Energy Drink Ingredient

Wellness freaks can add this pulse in their diet as sprouts or whole seeds, or you can try making traditional Indian recipes like dals, soups or salads. Gym lovers can consume it as a health drink made with the seeds grounded into a powder.

  • Treats Skin Issues

Beauty conscious can use horse gram in treating skin diseases like Leucoderma. Horse gram has astringent properties. When used as a facial pack, it prevents skin issues and renders deep cleansing.

  • Controls Blood Sugar Level

According to the Indian Institute of chemical technology, consuming unprocessed horse gram seeds (raw, non-sprouted) post-meal can reduce the glycemic index. It lowers down carbohydrate digestion and reducing insulin resistance in the body. Thus it helps in controlling diabetes.

  • Promotes Weight Loss

If you are looking forward to a weight loss diet that reduces LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol, include horse grams in your diet.  It is proved scientifically that horse gram seeds can directly affect your fatty tissues accumulated in the body. This means kollu acts in favor of body melting body fat and providing a proper shape.

With the ability to generate heat and energy within the body, Kollu keeps you warm during winters.

  • Increase Your Sperm Count

As horse gram is highly rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, and amino acids, it increases sperm count in males. The minerals present in horse gram increases blood flow to the male reproductive system. And, amino acid increases enzyme activity inside the body, which in turn ensures optimal sperm generation.

  • Enriched with Flavonoids and Polyphenols

Raw horse gram seeds are a rich source of plant protein, namely flavonoids and polyphenols. These compounds have hepatoprotective properties towards the liver and the gallbladder. This implies your liver keeps functioning correctly, filtering and purifying blood in the body, and detoxifying chemicals in the blood.

  • Excellent Treatment For Kidney Stones

Those who complain about kidney stones issues should consume horse gram seeds enriched with antioxidants properties. These seeds inhibit the salt hardening process in the kidney, which is the reason for kidney stones.

With regular usage of horse gram seeds, your body can eliminate harmful free radicals crystallizing in your body that harm your kidney cells.

Horse gram is a versatile ingredient used in curing kidney disorders, extensively.


  • Treat Diarrhea Issues

The ample fiber content of horse gram seeds helps digest and soak additional fluids from the intestine and stomach. This action reduces diarrhea and loose motion occurrences. Also, it allows promotes bowel movements to happen.

A handful of pre-soaked horse gram legumes early in the morning promotes a sound health-improving digestive body system.

  • Curing Conjunctivitis

Use a handful of overnight pre-soaked horse gram seeds to treat the conjunctivitis issue.

The next morning after straining the seeds, use the water to wash your eyes. Owing to antioxidant properties dissolved in this water, it helps fight back the infection issue and soothes your eyes. It also reduces irritation caused.

For best results, use the water thrice a day to wash our eyes.

  • Say Goodbye To Constipation

Lack of fiber in the diet, low water intake, lack of minerals, or an unhealthy lifestyle, stress often leads to constipation issues. Horse gram has powerful nutrients and plenty of fiber. So, raw pre-soaked kollu seeds eaten as a salad treats constipation issues.


In all, you need to rethink about this nutritional powerhouse before feeding it to your cattle only. You may benefit more from it!!

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