Grow Healthier With Atta!

Atta or whole wheat is an inalienable ingredient of our daily diet. Nowadays, people love to eat roti or chapati made of whole-grain because it makes a healthy option. It is easy to pair with anything ranging from curries & dry vegetables to dal & meats.     

People are ditching other grains and using whole wheat for their everyday meals. Do you know why atta is beneficial? It provides all the essential nutrients such as vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9), iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium.

Here, we will discuss the nutritional values of whole wheat and discuss why it is a healthy option compared to the other grain.

Trust us; at the end you will learn all the health benefits attached with eating whole grain.

Health Benefits

The plain rotis made of whole wheat are an excellent source of soluble fiber and beneficial in controlling blood cholesterol levels. It also cures constipation and maintain healthy digestive system. 

However, atta is loaded with complex carbohydrates that help to maintain energy and keep satiated for hours.

Suppose you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. In that case, you can still eat atta rotis (chapatis) as they are prepared without using any oil and is generally very healthy. 

  • Nutritional Value Chart

One small chapati has 70 calories, 3 grams of protein, and 0.4 grams of fat, and 15 grams of energy-giving carbohydrates.

  • Boosts Energy Level

Do you want to lose weight without comprising the taste? Then incorporate a minimum of two chapati(s) in your breakfast or lunch. It will provide ample amount of carbohydrates to boost your energy and keep you full for long. 

Apart from that, it will also boost your mood and produce soluble fiber in your stomach.

  • Loaded with fiber and vitamin B

Our internal body needs fiber for keeping it clean and free from the toxins.

However, whole wheat atta contains fiber, which aids body cleaning and promotes its overall health. It also contains Vitamin B complex (water-soluble by nature), which helps the body not to store excess vitamins.

Hence, it is essential to include Vitamin B complex rich food in a daily diet for keeping track of good health. 

  • Brings Healthy Glow On The Skin

Do you want a healthy glow on the skin? Eat whole wheat chapati every day, as it is power-packed with the goodness of zinc and other minerals that can do wonders to your skin.

Magnesium promotes good sleep and combat stress. It is also appropriate for fighting acne or pimples (which is caused due to stress and disturbed sleep). 

Sounds unbelievable, right? Try it. You will love it!

  • Helps to Improve Digestion

As discussed earlier, chapatis an excellent source for providing soluble fiber. It helps to make digestion easier. So, instead of eating packaged frozen foods or rice every day, eat rotis.

  • Storehouse of Nutrition

The unleavened flour is used to prepare chapati, which therefore makes it a powerhouse of nutrients. A roti can provide all the essential vitamins minerals such as vitamin B, E, and minerals like copper, zinc, iodine, potassium, calcium, and other mineral salts to your body.

  • Atta is Calories Friendly

Are you a health junkie? Try to make whole wheat chapatis without adding any extra butter or oil. It will provide you less amount of calories as compared to the other food grains. 

Therefore, it is the best food for those who are trying to lose weight. 

  • Promotes Proper Bowel Movement

When your body receives the right amount of dietary fibers, it will promote better bowel movement. Eating whole wheat atta will affect your bowel movement, thereby preventing and providing relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 

  • Helps to Prevent Anaemia

Whole wheat grain is rich in iron that helps to prevent Anaemia. You can even play around with atta flour by mixing it with some fenugreek seed for preparing some baked tortilla or khakhras (healthy Gujarati roti)

  • Rich in Folic Acid

Atta promotes and produce new cells, especially red blood cells. It also enables the body to fight cancer and prevent DNA change.  

  • Promotes Healthy Hair

Whole wheat atta contains selenium (an antioxidant), which fights scalp infection, prevents skin dryness, and keeps wrinkles at bay.

Selenium can convert to seleno-proteins, which is useful for avoiding scalp from drying, negates the chance of dandruff formation, and promote new hair growth and stop hair loss.

Whole wheat has its ability to absorb calcium, which helps to prevent hair fall clogging by calcium.

Busting the Myths about Atta

There are some myths about foods containing gluten – such as whole wheat, rye, and barley. 

All health experts believed that gluten and whole wheat are vital for good health. It is associated with a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and excess weight. 

Therefore, there is no need to eradicate gluten or whole wheat grain from their diet because it includes the bran or the husk, germ, and the endosperm and the grain that fight against body infection.

Note: If you are allergic to wheat or cannot tolerate gluten, we recommend you not to consume whole wheat.

Tips on How to Cook Yummy Food from Atta

Wondering how to prepare yummy loaves of bread or meals without using all-purpose flour? Here are some of the recipe ideas you can try out and impress your family by serving it on the dinner table. 

Atta Makes Baking Much Healthier

Whole wheat can be used to prepare delicious and healthy muffins, cookies, and bread.

Trust us; it will taste even better! Once you mix all your ingredients with whole wheat you will not spot a difference.

Those who have a sweet tooth and wish not to compromise on their diet, then bake your healthy version with atta. 

Apart from that you can prepare other unique foods like whole-wheat salad wraps, baked whole wheat samosa filled with mixed sprouts and even whole-wheat pizza base, which is much healthier than the pizza base available in markets. 

It is time to switch for better!!!

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